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About Seveno DataSight
About Seveno
Seveno was founded in New Zealand in 2000. The company’s name originates from its early focus on water, which covers 70% of the earth’s surface. The seventy became Seveno (“Seven Oh”).

In 2004
Seveno in Australia
Australian registered Seveno Pty Ltd was formed and Seveno headquarters and software development moved to Canberra, Australia, to share headquarters with Sentinel Pty Ltd (www.sentinelpl.com.au).
In 2015
Integrated with Sentinel
Seveno DataSight is now a wholly integrated business unit within Sentinel Pty Ltd where in-house development of the DataSight product is tested and refined daily by Sentinel’s environmental monitoring field teams.
Global solution
Seveno’s environmental data management solutions are in use across the world by mining companies, local governments, water authorities/conservancies, energy providers, shipping ports and environmental consultancies.
The Team
Seveno Datasight Team


Seveno DataSight is wholly owned and operated by the environmental monitoring services company, Sentinel Pty Ltd (Sentinel).  Sentinel has over 17 years’ experience working throughout Australia and internationally. This experience includes the design, implementation of field monitoring sites, implementation of data management systems (DataSight), and training client personnel.


Seveno DataSight is developed by Sentinel’s software developers who work side by side with experienced field environmental scientists to deliver a highly functional solution. Our developers have the unique benefit of seeing DataSight in action on a daily basis because it is used by field staff as a core tool to deliver exceptional remote monitoring services.

Our Approach

We made a conscious decision that the design of DataSight should be to ENABLE our clients and NOT to lock them into a specific approach. We focus on the development of our software, while our DataSight clients are able to develop reports, charts and link to third party products without needing us or additional software modules.


This approach has enabled us to maintain a small focussed team that includes professional developers and environmental scientists combining to deliver outstanding results in environmental data management and the production of DataSight with “real world” experience as a key driver. Sentinel field staff use DataSight daily to manage the environmental data that they collect. This ensures each team member has input to the development and testing of DataSight


We encourage you to contact your nearest reseller of DataSight for further information.