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Training can be conducted both in a virtual environment using GoToMeeting or similar products as well as classroom based training; both methods have their benefits. The main benefit of virtual training is our ability to quickly respond to a client’s training requirements and the removal of travel costs. We have successfully implemented DataSight without ever being to site, where the installation and training were all completed remotely.. The virtual training is more designed as a show and tell rather than a fully interactive training program.

We recommend that in the initial stages of implementing DataSight that the client invests in face to face training to ensure that staff can gain “hands on” experience with DataSight and their data set. The real benefit is that during the training the user gains experience in importing and migrating their data to DataSight.

If the training is conducted with access to the legacy data, then the data migration can start during the training process. Data migration can be an issue when a small team is given the responsibility of migrating the entire legacy data set. If the entire user base is able to migrate the specific data that they are working with, it will provide enormous advantages.

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We are committed to DataSight and our clients.
We endeavour to:

Release patches that are critical as quickly as possible
Release major updates every six months
Release minor updates quarterly
Commitment to upgrades and patches
DataSight is used daily by Sentinel to manage both hydrometric and
water quality data for many of our clients, both private and government.
As this is one of our core business segments, it is imperative that we
continue to enhance DataSight for our own internal use as well as for our clients.