Seveno DataSight is the open, scalable solution to your environmental data storage, management, quality control and reporting needs.

DataSight helps you to:

Collect and store discrete and time series environmental data from a wide variety of sources, such as data loggers, Laboratory Information Management Systems, telemetry systems, mobile platforms and manual data entry forms.
Ensure the integrity, validity and compliance of your data using advanced data analysis tools.
Configure automatic, scheduled reporting of your environmental data, and disseminate via web browser connectivity. Integrate your environmental database with other systems, such as GIS, SCADA, statistical packages and SAP.
Ensure the security of your data via flexible user permission settings and detailed data audit trails.
DataSight is a living, evolving product built using the most current software technology. DataSight users are able to automatically ingest, manage, review and compare data in a robust, flexible open package, and to report information to management or regulators.
Powerful data management
Flexible database configuration

Accommodation of a vast array of data types

Excellent visualisation of data

Extensive charting and reporting

Complex calculations

granular security

industry-standard connectivity

non-proprietary formats

extremely flexible

able to ingest data from disparate data sources

robust, built on proven technology

simple to install and maintain

highly configurable without the need for scripting

DataSight allows you to
add value to your data via the data history

store data in a non-proprietary format, making data accessible to third party products

create a repository for your corporate knowledge

build and encode your own science using your own formulas, reports and queries

independently manage your datasets

Share data with third parties

store supporting documents in all common formats

Number of Countries
Years of Development
Largest Number of Variables in a single Database

Billions of Data Points Managed

DataSight Features
Automatic data imports
Email notifications
Report Designer – design and templates
Tabular reports
Gauging calculator
Task scheduler
Data History
Customised Workflows
Environmental Data Types
DataSight can be used to record data for all types of measured parameters.

In DataSight we refer to these measured parameters as Variables. An infinite number of variables can be added, and DataSight accepts both SI and English units.  This allows you to easily set up DataSight to accept legacy data of varying types (measured variables), different time increments and different locations.

Data types that can be stored in DataSight include, but are not limited to:
Water quality data
Surface water hydrology
Noise data
Soil quality data
Ground water
Waste volumes
Air quality data
Biological data
Shipping information
Occupational health data
Weather data
Fuel consumption
DataSight Solution
DataSight is a client-server solution.
The software (the ‘client’ side) is installed on a user’s computer and connects to Microsoft SQL server databases (the ‘server’ side) located on a user’s computer or within a network (LAN or VPN) or via the internet. DataSight works well across the varying quality of LAN and internet, which allows DataSight users to connect to different databases as required.
DataSight is scalable. Systems can involve:
One Host
Client and database
One computer hosting both the DataSight client and the database
Multiple database
Multiple, multi-tenanted databases
Multi user
Multiple DataSight users connecting to these databases
Network Connections
Multi connection
Connection via LAN, VPN or the internet
Data replication
Supports overnight database replication
Open access
ODBC and XML compliant
Open to other systems with correct access permissions
Data imports
DataSight supports real-time data imports
Users & Databases
Separate users and databases
Geographic separation of users and databases
Web browser access
Browser access to data and reports
Web browser access by management and other stakeholders
DataSight is used across many market segments which include Mining – our largest market segment, Government – local, regional and federal bodies, Port Authorities, Utility – electricity and power authorities, Consulting – environmental consultants etc.

Example clients:


Barrick Gold

Zambia, Chile

Resolute Mining

Australia, Mali


Philippines, Mali, Namibia

FCF Minerals


Minerals & Metals Group

Australia, Laos

Rio Tinto Argyle Diamonds


Rio Tinto Dampier Salt


Rio Tinto Kennecott Utah Copper


Rio Tinto Oyu Tolgoi




Other Industries

ADA County - Water Authority


City of Salem - Government


City of San Francisco - Government


ETESA (Electricity and Water) - Bureau of Meteorology


Idaho Department of Environmental Quality - Quality, Government


Northern Water - Water Authority


Port of Townsville Limited - Port / Shipping


Gladstone Ports Corporation - Port / Shipping


DataSight Introduction
DataSight Flyer
Download Datasight flyer
DataSight software licensing is perpetual. After registration and payment, the software does NOT time out and does not require the payment of an annual fee for continued use. Annual upgrade fees are payable if the client wishes to upgrade DataSight.
DataSight Standard

  • Datasight Standard User License is locked to a single user computer.

DataSight Concurrent

  • DataSight Concurrent User License is a floating network license locked to a single network server. Licensing is on the number of active seats.


  • DSWeb Server License is installed on a web server and has unlimited users.  Most organisations require one server license.

Please contact us about maximising the return on your environmental monitoring programs.  Our pricing is very competitive.

Latest news
News updates for DataSight
December 2017 News

December sees the expansion of our service offering with the addition of Contrail as a premier solution for telemetered data.  At a recent Alert Users group meeting in the California, USA, the Partnership between Sentinel and OneRain was announced.  Our client base now have access to the combined power of DataSight and Contrail. Contrail provides […]

DataSight Version 3.2 Released

The release of DataSight 3.2 brings innovative functionality and core improvements in keeping with our commitment to making DataSight better than ever for its users. New features include support for an internal DataSight Web Browser, the ability to import any file into DataSight’s Documents section, the introduction of a reference variable series to graphical flagging, […]

Link DataSight to ArcGIS

DataSight users with current upgrade protection can now access Help Center videos on how to link and work with DataSight data in ArcGIS. DataSight has been designed to ensure that data is easily shared with other third party products. Rather than try to emulate the sophisticated GIS systems available, data stored within DataSight is able to be directly […]